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Maria Ortiz


What inspired you to work in this industry?
I was enticed to work in this industry because of my previous experience as a member of the built team and my former role as a facilities services coordinator. 

What’s a big highlight of your career journey so far?
I feel blessed to have an eclectic collection of career highlights, from working at IPS Power Plant to excelling as a clinical massage therapist for top celebrities.

What are the top words you’d use to describe ENCON?
Engaging, fast-paced, motivating, and teamwork!

Who inspired you to work in the industry?
Throughout my diverse career, my greatest mentor was Al Mellini, who taught me an array of skills, from creating a 92,000 square foot office to orchestrating a move of approximately 300 people.

What can we find on your office desk?
A natural plant that grows within an entrancing LED light-up vase.