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Marty Indursky


What do you look for when hiring at ENCON?
I look for people with a value system and an intelligence.

How did you market your company when you first started in 1968?
I would go home to home, literally knocking on doors to sell my services…I also used the Yellow Pages to find customers.

What is your passion outside the office?
I’ve been interested in flying since I was born – got my pilot’s license in 1960 and have had my own plane for most of my life. I also love to ski, run, and spend time with my grandkids.

How does it feel to have your son following in your footsteps?
It could be the best thing or the worst thing to have your son working with you. With David, it’s the best thing. He has a more global view at growing this business. Believe it or not we don’t work directly together, only overlap on certain legal and management issues.

What’s your best advice?
To have perseverance as nothing matters but getting to the end – figure it out!

Where do you see the company going in the next 10 years?
Wherever David wants it!