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Controls System Integrator

What is your current position and what is your background?
I’m a Controls System Integrator and am excited that my career path has led me back to ENCON (I started out working for ENCON back in 2002).

I was born in Nuremberg, Germany but I am originally from Turkey. Everyone calls me Ocean!

Do you have a mentor?
Marty for sure, he’s been my role-model. He pretty much taught me everything. My background was industrial electronics and Marty took me under his wing in my mid-20s. Marty would send me out to the field, teach me how to do drawings, to size ductwork, and send me to classes for additional training.

Is there a particular project you worked on in your career that you’re proud of?
In my early years of learning the HVAC at ENCON, I was involved in a job called “L3” in Mount Olive, NJ. I was able to utilize my electric/electronic background and I had a chance to work at Thomas Edison’s house! That was a big thing in my life – especially when I brought my dad (who also had been an electrician) for a tour!

What can we find on your office desk?
Many Post-it Notes –  please don’t touch my pen I need it!

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?
I have a couple, but one is especially related to ENCON that David Indursky would say. “When things don’t always work out as we planned, let’s just say ‘it’s a learning curve’ and let’s move on.”