Design / Engineering

Encon’s custom design and engineering services keeps facilities operating efficiently from day one and for years after.  Encon provides developers professional evaluations of HVAC systems on buildings being considered for purchase. 

David explains, “we approach design/engineering in two ways. Early entry into a project allows us to start with a ‘clean sheet of paper’ working with the owners’ professional teams, we can assure that budgets and time schedules are met and the building occupants are provided with an energy efficient trouble-free system. The second way is to provide ‘value engineering’ services. In this case, we are brought into the project after initial design has been completed. Often this is a result of budget constraints.” 

David continued, “anyone can make a project less expensive, that is not our goal. Encon’s goal is to provide a system with increased comfort, lower operating costs, faster delivery, minimum impact on other trades, and yes, simultaneously reducing costs. Our 50 years of knowing what works provides an enormous knowledge base to achieve all these goals.”

Benefits include:

  • Integrated project delivery
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Single source
  • Creative solutions
  • Innovation


Established in 1968, we are an award-winning, second-generation family business providing outstanding, single-source, and energy-conscious HVAC services throughout New Jersey.